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YOPE: Nature in good price

No need to dig into sales table to realize that this brand has been one of the Christmas bestsellers. Their products were vanishing at a rocketing pace from the shelves in their shop at Hala Gwardii or chain shops where they sell their products. It is a pure pleasure to observe how Polish natural cosmetics flourish. Clients want to buy them because of their quality and good prices.

YOPE seems to successfully find a perfect recipe: quality of products, practical packaging, contemporary design of labels with animals by Paweł Przybył, subtle scents and reasonable prices. YOPE is a family business run by Karolina Kuklińska-Kosowicz and Paweł Kosowicz.

We meet with Karolina at Hala Gwardii. The first question we ask is how we pronounce the name of the brand- in English or Polish way. – It’s very funny because I pronounce it in Polish and my husband Paweł in English. We have recently decided, since we want to enter an international market, to pronounce it more universally – Karlina laughs.

She admits that three years ago when they started making their first soap they didn’t have any clear concept of the brand. Karolina was working as a stylist then and needed some breathing. – I asked myself a question how I see myself in three or four years. And I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. Kids change our perception, what we eat, what we apply on our body. And this is how I started to learn about natural cosmetics.

YOPE has been working in full swing for a year and a half. Karolina and Paweł perfectly complement each other. He manages finances, sales strategies, promotion. She is responsible for the creation of new products.

Everything is transparent and shown on the labels. The percentage of natural ingredients, from safe sources, is always 90%. Right now they are selling hand creams, balms, liquid soaps, shower gels, candles and cleaning supplies: washing-up liquids, kitchen soaps, cleaning liquids, floor cleaners. New products are constantly being launched. In 2018 YOPE plans to introduce shampoos, soap for kids, lipsticks. Prices nevertheless will not increase. YOPE just wants to win more hearts. We are sure they will succeed in their mission.

YOPE, brand shop at Hali Gwardii,

Foto: Aga Bilska

Karolina Kuklińska-Kosowicz
Karolina Kuklińska-Kosowicz w sklepie firmowym YOPE w Hali Gwardii

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