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Tłusty Kotek: Come for ice cream!

Heavy & cool – these words taken directly from the children’s dictionary suit perfectly when it comes to describing ice creams at Tłusty Kotek. And kids are the most frequent visitors here.

Tłusty Kotek has its temper, ruffled hair and a bit crazy look. It is not Hello Kitty kind of cat, more of Gerfield type (logo designed by Patryk Jankowski). It peeps around the corner of a red brick factory located in a tenement house in Hoża Street (former Serwar) and says: Come for ice cream! Tłusty Kotek is difficult to resist.

The history of this ice cream business was not a bed of roses. Jacek Dalke – an owner could keep talking about his ups and downs. He still looks a bit drained even though he could finally relax because of the success. Warsaw is in love with his ice cream. But he is a perfectionist. He prepares ice cream on his own for several hours a day. Additionaly he wants to be a good dad and a husband. It is not easy but it pays off – after a year of running Tłusty Kotek he opens another one in Ursynów, his own neighbourhood.

What is the secret of the taste and quality of ice cream at Tłusty Kotek? As Jacek puts it: ice cream not gelati. What is the difference? Gelato is made the Italian way and it has dominated market in Europe. This type of ice cream is usually sweet, served with a spatula, and its main ingredient is milk. In ice cream it is cream. It is made the traditional way, where there is cream, milk, yolk, sugar and flavour- so called – just five. It is the Holy Grail of ice cream making- to produce good ice cream only from five ingredients.

The ones like at Tłusty Kotek are rare because they are harder to make and more expensive in production. For some they might seem less sweet but they are worth trying. We fell in love with pistachio and banana flavour. This summer during more chilly days you have to order also coffee because Tłusty Kotek has one of the best in Warsaw. And as ice cream here it is heavy!

Tłusty Kotek, ul. Hoża 51.

Photo: Filip Klimaszewski

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