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Guests: Andrzej Bargiel

We’re interested not only in the Varsovians but also the visitors of our city who stay at Autor Rooms as they turn out to be quite extraordinary people. 

We paid a visit for a morning coffee to Jędrek Bargiel – a ski mountaineer, who visited Warsaw in passing. In our city, he meets with sponsors because Jędrek not only is a professional sportsman but also organizes his trips and collects money for the next excursions himself. And these are also challenging endeavors. 

When in Warsaw he relies on the tips of his friends and believes in their recommendations. He admits that in this city you just need good guides. 

He spends more time in the mountains rather than in the big cities. He grew up in a small village Łetownia in Podhale. Ten siblings. It wasn’t easy. During holidays there was no school but also they didn’t go anywhere. They had to help parents in running a household farm. He used to collect money for his ski excursions himself when he was a teenager. He has always been drawn to mountains. When his older brother became a mountain rescuer he immediately followed his steps.

It’s difficult to embrace what this 29-year old has achieved so far. He is a three-time Polish champion in ski-mountaineering, third in the general qualifications of the Wolrd Cup, a record holder of an uphill run on Mt. Elbrus and the first Polish who in 2013 managed to reach the summit of the Shishapangma eight-thousander on skis and descend from its peak. 

As if it wasn’t enough he wants to launch his own collection of clothes, dreams about a hotel and is passionate about car racing. His biggest dream is to ski K2 from the summit. He has already ascended it but hasn’t so far descended due to the unfavorable weather conditions. He is quite reasonable in organizing his excursions. He prefers to collect money to have people who will help him when he breaks his leg. He doesn’t accept medals from the President and is not eager to join the national expeditions. He does it his own way.

During the recent Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy someone paid 17.000 PLN to spend a day with him skiing.

He likes deserted places without people, where there is no phone reception. He lives in a lovely place in Kuźnice. Behind the house, there is a banya, and Kasprowy is not far away.  And when all the skiers vanish there is peace and quiet. No smog. We must definitely come by for a visit.

Photo: Filip Klimaszewski and Andrzej Bargiel’s materials

Andrzej Bargiel i Michał Pawlik w Mamastudio
Andrzej Bargiel w Autor Rooms

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